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Ellipso Home Robot

Ellipso is our first home robot design, where we combine state of the art robotic research and technology with very affordable pricing. We, at FRACH robotics, believe the robotic revolution will only help us, when the robots are affordable to all of society and especially to their most vulnerable parts. 

Ellipso is an autonomous intelligent home robot, which is always online, listening to you and ready to execute your requests or just connect you with your loved ones.  The robot implements an animal like brain model, so it behaves almost like it is alive. Ellipso is also integrated with Google Assistant, Google Drive, Google Mail, YouTube and Microsoft Skype to let you stay in touch.

Ellipso Design

Ellipso design brings a large display to not only show just the robot's face, but also to show useful content on the screen, such as Google Assistant, YouTube or Skype. The robot is actively listening to all sounds and it automatically reacts to your verbal commands. Currently only English, but we will support other languages in the future.  

Ellipso comes with different personality profiles, faces and voices. But it is also fully customizable, if you are more on an artistic side. Ellipso remembers requests of different family members and also what happened in the past, so it behaves and provides specific feedback based on the situational and historical context.


Ellipso robot design includes the latest deep neural network frameworks for object and face detection to recognize you, your pets and other objects in your house. The robot uses optical recognition algorithms for understanding its location and map of your house, so it knows where is a kitchen, obstacles or a fall. Ellipso has also plenty of environmental sensors to fully understand what is happening in your house, such as people movements, sounds or alarms.  

Ellipso Behavior

The robot's role is not to replace your friends or pets, but rather to make your life easier. The robot will help you to stay in contact with your loved ones and automate tedious and boring tasks in your house.

Our robot products come with these default behavior tasks so you can specifically instruct them, at home or remotely, to focus on the right task:

  •  Personal companion - the robot will follow you in your house or look at you on a desk, ready to execute your commands. The robot will greet you from time to time and share the latest status with you. 

  •  Calling over Skype - you can ask the robot to call a person on Skype; from home or remotely. Or the robot will call you if it sees anything suspicious. 

  •  Search and share a message - you can remotely ask the robot to find your loved one (person or pet) in the house and deliver a message or take an action.

  •  Taking a picture - ask your robot to take a picture for a memorable moment and store it in the Google Cloud.

  •  Going somewhere - you can ask your robot to go to a specific room (e.g. a kitchen) and take an action there. 

  •  Google Assistant -  just ask the Google Assistant any tricky question you want. From weather to politics to science; or just for a joke.  

  •  Youtube - you can ask your robot to play Youtube content of your choice.

  •  Sharing the latest status - the robot will tell you how long you have been gone and what happened in your house in the meantime.

  •  Sharing the latest weather info and news - every morning and when asked the robot will share with you the latest local weather forecast and news.

  •  Teaching a foreign language -  the robot will teach you a foreign language, using simple, but effective repetition automation method. We start with Spanish, but more languages are coming. 

  •  Setting an alarm - ask your robot to wake you up when it is the right time. 

  •  Playing with pets - your pets can get a bit bored when they are left alone or perhaps you want to chat with them over Skype. Just ask your robot to be a messenger or entertainer. 

  •  Securing the property - be better safe than sorry. Our robots can watch your house for you when you are away and alarm you if they detect any suspicious sounds, movements or a human presence. Our robots store all the taken evidence in the Google Cloud and call you on Skype, so the bad guys will have a bad day whatever they do.  

  •  Robot administration - creating its own map of rooms and obstacles; watching its battery status and automatically recharging when due; or just endlessly waiting for you to come back.

Please do not worry if you are missing anything here. We will be releasing new functionality every 3 months. And we are going to listen to you on social media and our user forums to really understand your new requirements.  

Ellipso Customization

We, at FRACH robotics, understand that key to any successful product is a high level of customization for specific user needs and demands. We are all different and unique and therefore we require the same from our tools and gadgets. Our robotic technology supports comprehensive customization in both appearance and behavior. Our technology also supports user provided customization from our more DIY and artistically oriented customers.


  •  Robot call name - the default robot call name is "COMPUTER", but feel free to change it to anything else.

  •  Robot personality profile customization - our robots come with plenty of different personality profiles so you can have fun every day: FRIEND, MEDIEVAL, TEENAGER, SERVANT, MILITARY, SCI-FI, ROMANTIC and obviously also your custom one. 

  •  Robot face customization - out of the box we provide 9 different faces for our robots, but feel welcome to upload your own creative designs.

  •  Robot voice -  you can chose tens of different voices, male/female speakers and different English accents. Later on our robots will also support other languages. 

  •  Robot behavior - you can customize hundreds of behavioral rules, how often the robot should interact with you or what particular activities to be temporarily disabled. 

  •  Face recognition - using the face recognition technology the robot is able to respond to each user with his/her own name and related history.   

  •  Tyres - we will provide a rich selection of internal/external tyres with different colors, so you can take your robot out on a garden and do some "digging".

Ellipso Models

Our robot products come in 3 models to let our customers to choose the right tool for the job:    

Ellipso App

Obviously our robots will come with an app, both Google Android and Apple iOS.  

The app will enable you to connect and use your robot, when you leave your house. You can check the status of your robot, what action it is currently executing, its position in the house, see details of any security alerts and use the live Skype video/audio feed. Also it could be more comfortable to use the app to configure the robot's settings, instead of typing on the robot's screen or talking to it. 



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